Here are some resources that you might find useful on your writing therapy journey. Some of these relate specifically to topics such as journaling or expressive writing, whereas others are focused on the kind of topics that might have brought you here such as health, anxiety, chronic pain, or simply a love of writing.

We will add to these regular so do make sure to keep checking back, and if you know of any resources which you feel might be of benefit to Writing Therapy users please do let us know.

Opening Up: The Healing Power of Expressing Emotions

The first book in which the wonderful psychologist James Pennebaker describes in detail why burying emotions can cause health issues, and how writing about trauma, problems and emotional upheavals can have significant benefits. He describes how the controlled clinical research he, and his team, have undertaken, establishes a firm connection between the mind and the body.

"Pennebaker gives a gripping look at how psychological science is best done. He makes his results relevant and exciting, but the science seems solid. Pennebaker provides substantial empirical support for significant mental and physical health effects arising from religious practices such as confession, reconciliation, and forgiveness."
--Robert J. Lovinger, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Central Michigan University

Story You Tell

In 2012 Sandra Marinella discovered she had breast cancer and turned to writing to help on her journey to health and healing. Along the way she realized that writing didn't just help people to heal from illness; it also had the power to heal lives. Her passion to spread this message lead to her writing The Story You Need to Tell. This superbly written book isn't just informative, it is incredibly inspirational and well worth reading if you are facing any kind of challenge in your life. The book in turn lead to the Story You Need to Tell Project and the creation of the web site, which is a terrific resource for anyone interested in 'the power of reworking and editing their personal life stories with the goal of finding hope, inspiration, and a better way of living'.

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